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Poetry & Prose

lugh and the realist


What is the drink so sweet?
Shall I name her,or forebear?
Soothing to palate;to mind;
Refreshingly light;delicate;
Pleasing perfume pervades;
A healthy tonic;gentle cure;
Can none name her bouquet?
Then who am I to disclose?
What no mouth has spoken;
Neither shall a tongue taste!


The Realist

She knows her name
she knows it well,
he need not speak it,
because she can
sense what's on his mind.
Her drink bittersweet,
soothing to palate???
Perhaps at times,
like the smoothest ale
with a twist of lime.
Often delicate,
yet with a bold citrus edge,
effervescence that tickles
a man's earthiest desires.
Tonic, they say, but
she is no cure,
most can only consume her
in small measured doses.
So he need not disclose,
it's really just fine,
but he can already taste her, can't he?
She's been on his mind all night.

lugh and the realist
Copyright 2001 (All Rights Reserved)


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In Real Life Too! & Sherry Bocchicchio
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