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Poetry & Prose

Fortune Cookie

My New Year tradition
is starting out clean,
so I spent half the eve
with my washing machine.

Getting all organized,
scubbing kitchen pristine,
that's when I saw
the fortune cookie.

It was next to the sink
and seemed to speak .
"What are you waiting for?"
"Will you open me please?"

Not big on superstition,
most times they go in the trash,
so I studied its odd form
through the cellophane wrap.

OK, OK, I thought...
How bad could it be?
It could hold my fate,
my curiosity peaked.

So I crossed my fingers
and closed my eyes,
counted to three
and then read with surprise.

"Fortune truly helps those
who are of good judgement"

I fingered it as I
pondered its meaning.
I put it up on the magnet
and went on with my cleaning.

For a minute or so, I wondered
was it somehow a sign?
I shifted some clothing
from washer to drier.

Several loads later
something caught my eye,
a tightly folded dollar
in a lint ball I spied.

So now in the wee hours,
I am thinking again ..
What am I to do
with George Washington?

I could add to family fortune
atop the coffee table
where it was sure to get spent.
Or try something different maybe.

I haven't decided what to do
with that faded old buck
but I won't take lightly,
this bit of New Year's Day luck!!!

CVB-The Realist
January 1, 2002
© Copyright
All Rights Reserved


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